Beycik village is part of Kemer town which is part of the nearest city Antalya. This area of Turkey is like the Switzerland of Europe. It is on the Olympos Mountains and has magnificent view of the sea as well as the pine forest and the mountains. The humidity is between 20 - 25 %. It is away from the common touristy areas of this part of Antalya yet its beauty combined with healthy living is what the select visitors are looking for.

It is highly suitablefor mountain activities including walking and ideal environment for people who may suffer from asthma, allergies and metabolism disorders, not to mention being be able to relax in luxury after a stressful time at work.                                                         

Villa il Castello is only 15 km away from the seaside.

There is an excellent road network and all the key sites such as Antalya (45 min), Kemer (15 min) and Kumluca (25 min) can be reached by Asphalt road.                                         

All of these cities and towns have excellent infrastructure facilities including modern hospitals and shopping malls. Beycik Village is in a central position in terms of reaching all the ancient cities (Olympos) within Antalya region.